Nails Care

Full Set

Acrylic Nails $35 +
Gel Nails, 100% Organic $45 +
Pink & White Gel $50 +
Ombre $55 +

Fill In

Acrylic Nails $25 +
Gel Nails, 100% Organic $30 +
Pink & White Gel $35 +

Additional Services

French Polish $5 
Paraffin for Hands $5 
Nail Removal $10 
Nail Design $5 +
Polish Change for Hands $10 +
Polish Change for Feet $15 +


Basic Spa Manicure $20 

Consists of cuticle and nail work, mini massage to moisturize and heal cracked hands, hot towel wrap and polish of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure $30 

Basic Spa Manicure with a relaxing marine mud mask, sea salt scrub to exfoliate, paraffin wax to moisturize and a 15-minute massage. Finished with your choice of polish.

Dip Powder $40 +

The Next Gen in Nail Enhancements. Feel & Look Natural & DO NOT DAMAGE the bed. None toxic & odor free. Light Weight & flexible but strong & durable. Finished w/o UV or LED lights.

Shellac Manicure $30 

Basic spa manicure with a gel polish that is designed for the natural nail and guaranteed to last for 2 weeks with no chipping. This gel polish can be soaked off in 10 minutes and does no damage to the natural nail.


Basic Spa Pedicure $30 

Feet Work, Salt Scrub, Light Massage, Paraffin Wax and Hot Towel Wrap.

Deluxe Pedicure $40 

This pedicure is best designed for heavily callused feet.

Signature Spa Pedicure $45 

Deluxe Pedicure along with your choice of Lavender or Peppermint Jelly treatment to soothe, soften and energize tired feet. Also includes 15 minutes massage.

Reflexology Pedicure $55 

Basic Spa Pedicure that also includes a 20 minute pressurized massage to help stimulate circulation, promote relaxation and relieve muscle tensions. This is our most popular choice of pedicure.

Vitamin E Spa Pedicure $45 

Basic Spa Pedicure with 10 minutes massage, energize and fortify tired feet.

Herbal Spa Pedicure $45 

Basic Spa Pedicure with 10 minutes massage, 4 different exfoliates, re-hydrate feet and legs.

Pearl Spa Pedicure $55 

Basic Spa Pedicure with 20 minutes massage also healing treatment, contains 18 amino acids over a dozen minerals.


Eyebrows $11 
Lip $8 
Chin $8 +
Cheeks $14 
Full Face $30 +

(Includes brow, lip, chin, cheeks, side of face)

Bikini $30 
Under Arms $20 +
Full Leg $55 +
Half Leg $35 
Full Arm $40 
Half Arm $25 
Full Back $55 +
Half Back $35 
Chest $35 +
Toes $7 

Extra Massage

5 minutes $5 
10 minutes $10 
15 minutes $15 

Eyelashes Extensions

False Lashes $40 +
Eyelash Extensions $125 

Extensions are long-lasting and waterproof, lasting 4-6 weeks.